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Chef con cappello


The Executive Chef is a figure that is a plus for luxury hotels or with  large capability.  The experience of the Executive Chef is crucial in achieving the forecasts of the budget provided by the facility  regarding the management of the kitchen.  His ability in the choice of qualified personnel for the brigade, the organizational management of the hotel restaurants, the constant search for new and captivating elaborations of the dishes to be proposed (accompanied by the wise hand in the presentation of each dish) make the meal an experience of taste that reaches all the senses and can satisfy the most demanding palate.

Pasta fresca


Fundamental support for the Executive Chef

he is a person of great experience and ability in his own sector.

Passion for your work,

The in-depth knowledge of its line and the management of the kitchen brigade make it indispensable for the perfect success of the menu.

Organizzazione Piatti


Our commis de cuisine (or assistant cook) work side by side with our Chefs.

Skills demonstrated not only in the production phase of what is required of them (preparing ingredients, cleaning vegetables, keeping the work spaces and pantry tidy), but also in outlining the style of some dishes in the kitchen, interacting and collaborating with all brigade colleagues.

Preparare dolci


Each of our Chef Patissier (Head Pastry Chef) interacts closely with the kitchen brigade even if the tasks, environments, equipment are obviously different, so much so that the pastry brigade can be considered an autonomous "department", with its own characteristics.

It manages a department for the production of: breakfast desserts, savory and sweet pastries, pies and desserts, small pastries, jams, ice creams and sorbets; sauces and sweet garnishes. It always coordinates with the Executive Chef so that the confectionery production is relevant to the menu presented.

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