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professionale Femminile


The head of Reception (Front office supervisor) is a figure of great responsibility and responds directly to the management of the hotel. He is responsible for coordinating the receptionists, assigning them shifts and tasks. He supervises all the activities that take place in his department and also focuses on training his staff. His ability to manage reservations and room assignements, makes the guest’s arrival smooth and stay fulfilling and carefree. Our Front Office Managers stand out in their experience in hospitality and assistance field. 



Position of primary importance, the receptionist welcomes the Guest and assists him throughout his stay, from arrival until his departure. Working in the reception department means making sure that the guest is satisfied with all the services offered by the hotel. For this reason he is always in close contact with all departments of the hotel.  He remains the point of reference for the guest for any kind of information, such as curiosities about the location, local attractions and places of interest. 



The role of the Guest Relation is the key to making the guests’ stay unforgettable. The main objective is to take care of the guest, providing assistance, welcoming them on arrival making sure that everything is to their liking and also managing feedback before departure.  She is also responsible for checking with all departments of the hotel to ensure that all guests requests are met. Our Guest Relations are trained to create empathy with the guest, studying their habits with the aim of anticipating their needs, thus establishing a relationship of trust based on availability



The night concierge plays an essential  and complex role, keeping the operations of the front desk department active. He is in charge of closing the daily accounts, checking in the last guests and necessary activities for the next morning. Working at night, the concierge is able to deal with emergencies by preventing situations that create disturbance to the rest of the guests.

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